Pregnant Pauses and Laughs Galore in ‘Family Planning’

Newport Playgoers in rehearsal for 'Family Planning' by Frank Vickery

Elsie (Lillian Hynes) has her ironing interrupted by gin-drinking nymphomaniac Maisie (Nicky Davies)

Playgoers’ new season is all set to start with ‘Family Planning’ by Frank Vickery.

I popped into rehearsals  to see how it was progressing and managed to snap some of the cast in action. They looked as if they were having a marvellous time working with first-time director Rosemarie Chick.

This comedy about how a young girl, Tracy (Abbie Thomas) deals with telling her family that she is having a baby, looks set to be a successful curtain-raiser to the new season in September.

“I play Maisie, a love-starved nymphomaniac who has only had sex once,” said Nicky Davies who also appeared in Vickery’s ‘One’o’clock from the House’ which kick-started last season with laughs galore.

It’s not only the plot that has some wonderful  twists and turns. The wise old Gran, who is confined to bed and is onstage throughout, is played by a man – Playgoers stalwart Julian Powell.

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