Shooting the prize-winning playwrights!

Newport Playgoers' five winning playwrights (left to right): Phil Mansell, Kevin Myers, Neil Chapman, David D Thomas and Mark Hardwidge

Some people believe all playwrights should be taken out and shot.

Which is just what we attempted to do with the winners of the play-writing competition organised by Newport Playgoers on the theme of golf. 

However, instead of a firing squad we used a camera, and to make life even trickier we shot them on a roundabout.

The reason? There were golf flags, bunkers and plenty of greenery to serve as a backdrop – courtesy of the forthcoming Ryder Cup. There were also passing cars and lamp-posts to contend with. Not to mention the fact that in terms of a good press photo there is precious little to link golf and writing.

So, armed with five writers, five golf clubs and a laptop we spent an hour on a sunny September Sunday striking a variety of golfing writer poses, the results of which can be seen here.

With the photos taken (by ace snapper Caroline), we retired to the Dragonfly for a pint and a lively chat. Most convivial!

The Hole In One Act Play Festival is at the Dolman Theatre from 12 – 16 October. For more information and to book tickets, phone (01633) 263670.  More information is available online at

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