Secrets uncovered at down-at-heel hotel

November 10, 2010

This month’s production by Newport Playgoers is ‘Separate Tables’, thought by many to be Terence Rattigan’s finest work and one which beautifully demonstrates his art of characterisation.

It consists of two plays set in the dining-room and lounge of a private hotel in Bournemouth which has seen better days. The residents are obliged to take meals at individual tables, symbolising the isolation of the individuals.

In the first half, a down-at-heel journalist is confronted by his ex-wife, a former model, who provoked him to a violent act that sent him to prison and ruined him. 

In the second half, a bogus army Major without the background and education he claims, and a neurotic girl with a ruthless domineering mother are attracted to each other.  A sordid scandal threatens to drive them apart, but when all seems lost the hotel’s manager Miss Cooper comes to the rescue.

‘Separate Tables’ is at the Dolman Theatre from 9th – 13th November.

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