Mamma mia! Playgoers serve up a spicy success

March 11, 2011

Newport playgoers seize a rare opportunity to mix drama with gastronomy in their April production of ‘Saturday, Sunday, Monday’ by Eduardo de Filippo.

A scene from rehearsing 'Saturday, Sunday, Monday' by Eduardo Filippo

Dinner time for Antonio (Richard Dymond), his daughter Rosa (Claudia Barnes) and her husband Peppino (Alex Wilson) (Photo: Phil Mansell)

Employing a full-bodied and well-seasoned cast, the play is steeped in a rich Neopolitan blend of of pathos and humour. Invited into the apartment of Peppino and Rosa Priore to share the hallowed ritual of Sunday dinner, we are bombarded with a surprising variety of odd-ball characters in their extended and eccentric family. Meet Antonio, the Michaelangelo of miillinary; Raffaele, the actor with ego (is there any other kind?) and Michelle, the drop-of-a-hat pugilist.

In this crowded familial atmosphere ferments a complew brew of jealousies and recriminations, coming to a head during dinner itself. 

Rosa (Claudia Barnes) prides herself on being a good cook. Her daughter Giulianella (Sam Jones), helps her sample the pasta. (Photo: Phil Mansell)

As director Ruth Ferguson declares, “Food is very important in this play. We watch Rosa preparing and cooking her famous ragu on Saturday, then the family tuck in and eat it on Sunday and even finish it off for breakfast on Monday. Doing all this on stage is challenging but lots of fun and we hope the audience will feel that they have almost smelt and tasted the food themselves.”

Cue mass salivation and an urge to hum the theme from ‘The Godfather’ on the way home.

‘Saturday, Sunday, Monday’ is at the Dolman Theatre at 7.15 pm from 5 – 9 April, with an extra matinee performance on the Saturday at 2.30 pm. To book tickets call 01633 263670 or 656757 or try our new website at