by David D Thomas and Mark Hardwidge

Futagolf posterWhen a dedicated couch potato is given a free golfing session at a cutting edge VR simulation company he gets more than he bargained for.

Add to the mix a computer generated golf pro that’s low on both processing power and patience and a frenetic disco dancer that invades the hallowed greens of Augusta and you may just have the chance for something special to happen.


 About the Authors

Mark Hardwidge

Mark Hardwidge

IT Consultant Mark Hardwidge is 43 years old (physically that is – way younger mentally!) and lives with his wife and two 2 children, Seren and Ethan, in Church Village near Pontypridd. He has had a short story called ‘Nirvana Inc.’ published in an American compilation and a play, ‘Wild Merthyr Skies’, performed at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Mark is developing quite a relationship with the Dolman Theatre, having written an adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for Solo and a darkly amusing piece called “Frost” for the Newport Playgoers Studio Group, which was entered into the DAW one act play competition last May.

His next offering will be for Playgoers New Generation (PNG) and is called “The Trial of Edward Byfleet”, which may or may not be about the destruction of the human race.

David D Thomas

David D Thomas

David Densley Thomas was born and raised in the Rhondda Valley and now lives in Church Village with his wife and two young children.  A 43-year-old IT Analyst Developer, he has been involved with amateur dramatics since childhood and having appeared in countless Shakespeare productions, including the roles of Hamlet and Henry V, decided to ‘have a go writing something with a few more laughs’.

His play ‘Buzz’ won a prize in the Drama Association of Wales annual one-act scriptwriting contest, and his short story ‘The Ow Shop’ was published in an American Science Fiction/Fantasy anthology. He his currently working on a full length stage adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’ to be performed by the Dolman Solo Theatre Company this December.


Len – Peter Routley

BRAD – Gareth Spreadbury

Shaz – Alex Phillips

Directed by Lynn Phillips and James Reynolds

FutaGolf Cast and Directors

FutaGolf Cast and Directors

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