Out of Bounds

by Neil Chapman

Out of Bounds PosterA Pinteresque look at life, golf and items dumped. Musings on getting old and feeling valued are shared by two friends, Frank and Louie as they dodge golf balls.

An absurd comedy set where play is not permitted, but will set you wondering about that forgotten land strictly considered out of bounds. 



About the Author

Neil Chapman

Neil Chapman

Neil, who lives in Chepstow has been acting since school and has performed in everything from Ayckbourn to Zola. 

A major influence has been Anton Chekhov and he is extremely proud of the two studio productions he has directed for the Dolman, ‘I Take Your Hand In Mine’ a biographical piece about Chekhov and his wife Olga Knipper and ‘Afterplay’ by Brian Friel which explored the imaginary later life of Sonya from ‘Uncle Vanya’ and Andrey from ‘Three Sisters’.

 2010 saw Neil’s first appearance on the Minack stage in Cornwall for Playgoers and this competition marks his first attempt at writing a play.


Out of Bounds

Neil Chapman and John Sheen in 'Out of Bounds'

 Directed by Alex Wilson

Frank – Neil Chapman

Louie – John Sheen

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